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Sunnie Liu is an artist, designer, researcher, and organizer based between Houston and New York City.
A Bandung artist-in-resident hosted by the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts and Asian American Arts Alliance, Sunnie is dedicated to fostering Black and Asian solidarity.

Sunnie is a co-founder of Xin Sheng Project, a transnational collective for and by the Chinese diaspora to fight mis- and disinformation. Sunnie also organizes against the displacement of Manhattan's Chinatown.

By day, Sunnie researches how to make prescription drugs more affordable at thinktank C4i.
Sunnie holds degrees in Art and History from Yale University, where Sunnie was the Co-Head of the Asian American Cultural Center.

More importantly, all of Sunnie's work is informed by lived experiences and organizing. Born in rural China but raised in Houston, Sunnie is a proud immigrant and child of Chinatown workers.

Sunnie's artistic practice is rooted in community care, radical love, and collective liberation. By exposing power imbalances while dreaming up alternative realities, Sunnie rewrites history to center marginalized peoples, reimagines better futures for all, and invites audiences to reevaluate their positionalities in both reinforcing and dismantling the status quo.
Selected Exhibitions
  • MOONSquare, Think!Chinatown - New York, NY, 2022
  • Endnotes, Yale School of Art - New Haven, CT, 2022
  • About Love, POV on PBS - Brooklyn, NY, 2021
  • Origins of the Self, Contemporary Arts Museum - Houston, TX, 2017
  • Junction, BLUEOrange Gallery - Houston, TX, 2017
Selected Awards & Commendations
  • People's Action, Justice is Global Fellow, 2022
  • Lohnman & Van Sinderen Design Prizes, First Place, 2021
  • Yale School of Art, Ethel Child Walker Prize, 2022
  • Yale Norfolk School of Art, Artist-in-Residence, 2021
  • Yale Law School, Arthur Liman Fellow, 2021
  • Yale School of Art, Robert Reed Award, 2020

Photos: Ji Ou

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